Raul Grecu

Fotograf, videograf

Despre creativ

Being results-oriented, creative, and open to new challenges, I have completed a specialized course in Quality Assurance (QA). I am determined to improve my knowledge and gain a solid understanding of manual testing processes. I am eager to continue learning and developing my skills in software testing.

So far, my theoretical level covers: – Testing process and SDLC/Agile testing, Test cases, defects, Test levels and test types, Test techniques, Testing Tools, Mobile testing, API testing.
As for the practical level, I have learned to create test cases, report bugs, and have had experience with tools such as Trello, Qase, Jira, and Postman.

I am open to new opportunities and collaborations that allow me to leverage
my previous experience and build a successful career in manual testing. I am
thrilled by the prospect of working in a dynamic environment and continuously
expanding my knowledge. I am eager to connect with professionals in the field
and learn from their experiences.

I am a freelance photographer with over 10 years of experience in the
photography industry. Throughout my journey, I have worked with clients
from various domains, including product photography, events, corporate, and
weddings. Over time, I have learned to be flexible, adapt quickly, and find
creative solutions in any situation.