Chereji Bogdan

Designer Graphic (Advertising)
20 Euro/ oră

Despre creativ

Hello World. Happy to meet you !
My name is Bogdan C and I create stories
with keyboard and mouse.
I’m doing my passion for 8 years, and right
now I can proudly say that I managed more
than 30 projects.


Experience in creatives:

  • 2014-present – Graphic Designer
  • -eAD Interactive
  • -Cabinet Parlamentar
  • Hotel & Restaurant Măgurele
  • A&C Sofa Design
  • and many other small business.

Random stuff:

  • I live in Satu Mare, România.
  • I know nobody asked but: I like pasta and german beer.
  • I’m patient and a flexible person.
  • I like to say jokes.



Adobe Photoshop
Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Premier Pro