Mircea Boboc

designer grafică

Despre creativ

Among many projects, worked as a:
– Ghostwriter for The Sound Torch,
– Graphic Designer for Sentio Advertising,
– Top-Rated freelancer on Upwork,
– Community Ambassador for The Interaction Design Foundation,
– Brand Developer for Yogi & Associates.

Recently, I have:

• Created 1700 abstract illustrations for banners and bookmarks.

• Crafted ten decorative fonts.

• Participated in personal and collaborative Graphic Art exhibitions.

• Delved into artistic experiments and installations: impasto painting, wax painting, mixed media, spray painting, calligraphy, fabric art, pattern design experiments.

• Designed templates and illustrations for t-shirt designs.

• Executed POD Design on the Behance platform.

• Curated and organized a collection of commercially licensed fonts.

• Created hundreds of mock-ups with an easel placed in natural settings.

• Established an online presence, developed portfolios, and showcased artistic processes.

• Pioneered an artistic methodology called “Artistic Hacking.”

• Gained proficiency in FL Studio and composed numerous musical pieces.

• Developed Voice-Over skills and poetry recitation techniques.

• Composed hundreds of poems in both Romanian and English, contributing poetic performances to various cultural events, and publishing works in international journals.

• Authored short stories, novels, and a film script.

• Maintained administrative documentation for each project, including structured idea files and records.

• Participated in webinars and workshops in the realm of Design, Art, and Copywriting.

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